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As an education professional, it continues to be crucial to building your leadership skills as much as possible when first starting out. While there are a variety of ways to improve your leadership skills, it may come as a surprise that transformational leadership can help accelerate these efforts. In order to build your education leadership skills, you should consider how to build your transformational leadership skills. 

What Is Transformational Leadership?
In its most basic form, transformational leadership encourages leaders to help guide others on how to expand their thinking and look for creative solutions to any problem that comes up. Transformational leaders tend to focus on creativity and innovation when solving problems and encourage that way of thinking within their workplace. Transformational leadership has become more prominent in recent years as technology continues to change the way that the workplace functions. It has also become a necessary skill, as it helps implement important processes for the ever-changing business world. 

How Can Transformational Leadership Help Education Leaders?
Like most other industries, the education sector has seen significant changes in recent years, from more focus on utilizing technology to the increased need for remote learning. As a result, school systems around the world have had to look at new approaches to the classroom and have looked at transformational leadership to help guide them. 

For example, if you look at how the COVID-19 pandemic has led to greater use of technology, a transformational leader can help make this change as smooth and efficient as possible. A transformational leader will not only keep a close eye on how their school is adjusting to the changes but will also include educators and other education professionals in any major decisions. In doing this, they will gain crucial insight into how to continue improving their efforts with the new, technology-focused system. Transformational leaders understand that they will be more successful in their efforts by including others in any decisions. 

Additionally, transformational leaders have the opportunity to build great trust with those they oversee. While they will have the final say in any changes that need to be made, they will not implement them without first discussing the changes with those that would be most affected. Without transformational leadership, education will have a more difficult time implementing the changes that are needed to be successful.