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Acceptance into many colleges and universities remains a challenge, as facilities often have strict admission requirements. Creating a plan and performing necessary acts throughout the year help high school students prepare before the academic year’s end. Putting forth effort as soon as possible also reduces stress when trying to complete deadline requirements at the last minute. 

Choosing a College or University

There are many different reasons why students decide to apply for entrance to a college or university. A facility might offer the best academic program for the degree that they desire to pursue. The location might be a factor. Students might be limited based on financial needs. Parents and school counselors play a vital role in assisting seniors in making informed decisions. 

Practice SAT/ACT Tests 

Most facilities use the scores obtained from SAT/ACT examinations as part of the admission screening process. Many students take the test sometime during their junior year. But, knowing what to expect on the test might influence a student to retake the test while a senior in hopes of obtaining higher scores. Parents might consider helping their youngsters prepare by taking available practice tests. A number of institutions also require that applicants complete an essay accompanied by one or more letters of recommendation. Parents and counselors should review the completed essay while ensuring that students have all of the required admission documents. 

Take a College Tour

Many facilities regularly welcome students and parents to tour the institution they wish to attend. In addition to learning about the historical and physical aspects of the campus, students may also have the opportunity to sit in on a class. Touring one or more schools gives students a better idea of what to expect and may help them during the decision-making process. The trip also provides parents and their students with the opportunity to spend quality time before they leave home for college. 

Preparing for Campus Life

In the event that a student decides to live away from home in a dormitory on campus, they must plan on what they need to take along for daily life. Parents often have words of wisdom when determining the difference between necessary and luxury items.