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Great schools are driven by teachers and principals who are very passionate about making a difference in their students lives every single day. Students learn better in environments with positive, knowledgeable and passionate individuals. Federal programs and state testing policies have made it harder for teachers to make it through their days without any interruptions. Education professionals who can take the difficulties they encounter every day at work and still focus on their students are outstanding leaders and individuals you need on your teaching staff. Outstanding educational leaders display the following traits.

A teacher should be fearless and bold in their teaching style. It takes a lot of confidence to stand up in front of children and young adults every single day. Great teachers take risks in their teaching style and can make it fun. When things are not working, a great teacher can courageously add unconventional assignments, classroom discussions or group activities into the mix without missing a beat. An outstanding teacher is not afraid to be different.

Outstanding teachers are not stingy with their feelings. Not only are emotionally available to their students, but they are also available to their coworkers and sometimes their student’s families. A compassionate teacher should be able to reach out to those who need additional support but in a way that doesn’t coddle the individual.

Regardless if it’s an art teacher or a third-grade teacher, they need to be creative and be able to think outside of the box. Being able to be creative and think on the fly are some of the best ways to handle disruptions and complex situations that might arise in the classroom. Creative teachers empower their students to be resourceful and flexible and change their level of thinking through activities.

Teachers must be able to show a great deal of patience when working in a classroom. Each student in the classroom works at their own pace and being able to give each student the correct amount of time. Some days will be more stressful than others so having a staff that can keep their cool under high-pressure situations will be very beneficial for your students. They can detect stress and react based on you.