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Students are coming home with more, complex homework every day. With all the subjects and assignments they’ve got due, it can be hard to keep track of everything. But with more technology being integrated into education comes a whole host of apps that they can use to help with homework, help keep them organized and help parents!

For Students


Gone are the days where students carry a calculator with them to math class. They can pull out their phone or a tablet and instantly access a digital version. CalcMadeEasyFree is a scientific calculator that provides students with sine, cosine, tangent or any other special math formula they may need. The app also has a note-taking option to allow students to keep track of their answers and remember how they got them! The app is available for iOS and on Android where it has been named RealCalc.


Is your student learning a second language but isn’t sure how to translate a sentence for their homework? iTranslate offers translations of words, phrases, and text in 90 languages. Students can also listen to male and female dialects, so they are using the correct pronunciation of the word.


Staying organized when multiple assignments are due can be daunting, but myHomework students can easily organize every assignment. myHomework gives students the ability to set reminders for when projects are due or when they have a big test coming up. This digital helper makes sure a deadline is never missed!

For Parents

Khan Academy

Sometimes students will come home with a homework assignment or project that needs their parents to help, and they might not remember anything they learned on the subject when they were in school. Khan Academy gives anyone access to thousands of hours of quality instruction and the best part; it’s free! Khan offers more than 10,000 videos about any subject so you can help your child with their homework or project!

Class Messenger

Class Messenger allows parents and teachers the chance to communicate in a private setting. They can share photos or documents and keep the lines of communication in the classroom open. Class Messenger lets parents communicate with the teacher about homework assignments, ask questions about what things are going on in the classroom and schedule parent-teacher conferences!