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Exam season will be here soon then we know, and the stress of studying can overwhelming for some students. Whether you are prepping to take the SAT’s or a certification test, it is never too early to come up with a study plan. Sticking to your desired study plan will help you cover all the information, as well as help, keep your stress levels down. Below are some tips to help you prepare for your next big exam.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Study
This should be easy to follow, but many students wait until the last minute to cram for the exam. This works great for some students, but it is not the best way to study for an exam. Start by writing down the date of the exam(s) on your calendar and organize your studying based off of the exam date. The more time you can give yourself, the more prepared you will be on exam day.

Organize Your Study Space
If it’s possible, remove distractions from your study space. This is important for anyone who needs complete silence when studying. It is also essential to have a clean and tidy workspace to concentrate. There should also be enough room to spread out your textbooks, notes and whatever else you need for studying.

Review Old Exams
Reviewing old exams is the most effective way to prepare for an exam. It helps to review the format of the exams as well as the variations of the formats of the questions. If you are taking an exam like the SAT’s, taking timed practice tests will help you determine what sections you need to spend more time on when it comes time to take the actual exam.

Join a Study Group
Finding the perfect study group could help your exam scores! While this will not guarantee you a perfect score, partnering up with people from your class will allow you to receive answers on questions you might have, but also allows you to answer questions that people in your study group may have.

Using these study tips will help make your exam stress free and hopefully help you achieve the score you are looking for. Remember, not everyone has the same study habits, and you might have to try a couple of different things before you find the ones that stick! Good luck!